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Kovidkala SSLC: Kids in IT

Thursday, July 15, 2021 10:08 PM IST

Source: A student who has studied at home and written the ASLC exam. Most of the people who have secured A + are in IT.
Out of 10361 children who won CSS in ASA in the district, 9361 got IT Plus Plus. They are. Later Malayalam and some science subjects were considered by the children.
Mathematics, Hindi and English subjects are the complete A + target for many. Removed from. There are 2612 students in two education districts for all subjects. യത്. 6296 for Malayalam first paper, 7704 for second paper, 5559 for English, 5327 for Hindi and social. Science 6164, Physics 5376, Chemistry 7010, Biology 7424 and Mathematics 4284. Number of plus cars.

There are 1807 students in all subjects in Pathanamthitta Education District. Sneathy. Malayalam One 4106, Malayalam Two 5023, English 3628, Hindi 3396 in the subject position. , Social Science 4024, Physics 3519, Chemistry 4457, Biology 4818, Mathematics 2957, IT 6653A This is the number of children who have received A +.
805 students in Trivandrum education district get A + in all subjects. Are established. Malayalam One 2190, Malayalam Two 2681, English 1931, Hindi 1751, Social Science 2140, Physics 1857, Chemistry 2553, Biology 2606, Maths 1327, IT 3708 students A plus in place.


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