KPÖ Graz | News | Why high political salaries don’t prevent corruption

Time and again, politicians are prone to going from “people’s representative” to contractors for corporations, criticizes the Graz KPÖ city councilor Robert Krotzer. (Photo: stokpic, pixabay)

The current events in Austrian domestic politics once again refute the alleged arguments of other parties against the upper salary limit of the KPÖ Styria. It is often argued against us that only high politician salaries can prevent bribery and corruption. And moreover, this is the only way to get the “best minds”, by which many apparently mean themselves in deep humility.

Obviously, it’s the other way around: The high salaries of politicians in Austria help the political class see themselves as part of the elite and want to play in the noble club of industrialists, bankers, financial magnates, multimillionaires and billionaires. Quite a few are susceptible to going from “people’s representative” to contractors for the super-rich. Sure, a number of parties align their political program from the outset to the interests of large corporations, banks and the super-rich. The withdrawn salaries, however, actually fuel the aloofness from the everyday worries and needs of people, for whom some no longer have the slightest left.

The recent house search (!) At the incumbent finance minister (!) Due to investigations into corruption is only the tip of the iceberg of a system. A system that the musicians Christoph & Lollo already aptly described during Karl-Heinz Grasser’s term of office:

“You get the impression that politics is only part of the industry,
Is there someone who benefits? Oh, you never really know! “

So it is high time for a policy that is completely different from the current one! As a Communist Party, the KPÖ Styria differs significantly from all other parties. We do not want to play with the rich and powerful, nor do we want to secure lucrative posts, but rather be a strong voice for all those who are not heard today. The Styrian KPÖ sees itself as a party (for the interests) of workers, employees, the unemployed, the youth, the vast majority of pensioners, precarious workers, tenants and all economically disadvantaged people.

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In the everyday work of the KPÖ Styria, the clear distinction between our party and all bourgeois parties is expressed on the one hand in our guideline “Help instead of talking”, as we live it in the form of social support or advice on tenancy law, and on the other hand in efforts to organize people directly for their social interests. An important building block in the credibility of the Styrian KPÖ is the upper salary limit for our mandataries and the help made possible for people in need.


Robert Krotzer is City Councilor for Health and Care in Graz.

Contact: [email protected]
Tel.: 0316 872-2070


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