Kristīne Virsnīte and her family leave Latvia temporarily

TV personality, journalist Kristīne Virsnīte on the social network Instagram reveals that she has been abroad for several weeks with her family.

Kristīne does not hide that the time of the pandemic has introduced drastic changes in the travel experience, which has made the experience of “even more valuable” every trip experienced.

“We are now learning to travel again – more humble, more sensitive, more careful. Now our third week is away from home, everything and everyone and at the same time closer to us. “We have left on purpose, it is also called a valid reason in official documents, which we promise to reveal in time. For now, we can say that we will not go home so soon,” reveals Virsnīte.

Kristine also reveals the course of the trip.

“This was the first time before we left that we didn’t have that cool sense of anticipation of travel. We were worried because there was too much ignorance, a lot of patchy information about what was happening at the borders. if we have to spend time in self-isolation somewhere, then we will spend it, if we are made to go back home, then we will go, respect the restrictions and follow the rules.

We read very carefully the information on the current restrictions for each country that was to be crossed. Lithuania and Poland 7.04. it was allowed to do so freely without test results. All information is available on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, but we also browsed the official info page of each country.

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We performed the test all except Kuki. Children under the age of 6 do not need a test to come to Spain. Spain had to arrive at the land border within 72 hours of the test. The test results must be negative, of course.

We spent about 35 hours + 2 times on the way.

All the borders were open, we didn’t notice any border guards, no one stopped us and asked where we were going, why we were doing it. Also, no one asked any questions along the way.

Spain, at the time we arrived, had one of the lowest morbidity rates in Europe.

In Spain, a nose and mouth mask must be worn as soon as a step is taken outside the home. Children under the age of 6 can move without a mask. When taking pictures of the local permits mask for a moment to remove, we also. In the cafes at the tables, everyone is mostly without masks.

Also, a curfew is set every day, mostly from 11 p.m.

In Spain, being a traveler with a reason to travel currently has greater advantages than locals with territorial travel restrictions. This seems absurd, but these are the rules.

A few days ago, we were stopped by the police in a small village in the south of Spain and asked where we were going from. He smiled and wished a good traveler.

In Spain, people do not deny that there is no virus, but there is a feeling that there is life and it is lived, “reveals Kristine.

Meanwhile, in the comments, the followers pay tribute to the Quotes and wish the trip a success.

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“To succeed”, “Super for daring to travel! To the sun and positive emotions!”, “To a beautiful adventure!”, “MALACI! You know that I am 100% all about this idea,” There is something to appreciate after such a long time! “- write the commentators.

It has already been reported that at the end of 2019, Kristīne Virsnīte and her family left Latvia for two months. The headline wrote on social networks at the time: “My family’s grand news – at the end of next week we will embark on the biggest expedition of our lives so far: Riga – Dakar – Riga! Mauritania will definitely break the roof and surprise Senegal, where we look forward to 2020! “

At the end of January 2020, Kristīne Virsnīte’s family returned to Latvia.

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