Kruzak’s death or how Toyota Land Cruiser 300 may be in an awkward position without a V8

Consider examples of models that have lost the “eight.”

It is authentically known that the new Toyota Land Cruiser 300 will not be offered with V8 engines. The decision of the Japanese company to switch to more environmentally friendly engines in the modern world is understandable, but the rejection of a turbodiesel may not seem entirely successful. An example of this was the example of other automakers, consider them.

So, who else tried to get rid of the V8 and replace it with another motor? Probably, the saddest example served as the situation of the company Ford, which rejected the XF Falcon with the “eight” back in 1983. The Americans felt that buyers no longer want to see a sedan with a V8.

In Australia, where this model was sold, there was still a demand for the XF Falcon with a “heavy” engine – more than half of the total number of copies sold were equipped with it. And yet, for reasons known only to the Ford team, the V8 was replaced by an injected 4.1-liter V6.

Move on. In anticipation of the launch of the VL Commodore in early 1986, Holden struggled to get its engines to comply with the new emission laws. The new “six”, which replaced the V8, failedwithout meeting customer expectations. In the end, the V6 was thrown out of the engine range of the sedan and station wagon, and it was replaced by a batch of Nissan six-cylinder engines.

In Europe, BMW switched from a six-cylinder to a V8 for its fourth-generation M3. This was done in order to gain wide recognition among motorists. In 2014, it was decided to replace the “eight” with a twin-turbocharged V6, which was still a good engine, but lost its “sound” and high-speed characterthat many praised so much.

Similarly, the Audi S4, S5, RS4 and RS5 were once available with the V8, which was then replaced with turbocharged six-cylinder engines. Thus, it can be assumed that the exclusion of V8 from the Kruzak engine range may lead to his death. At least the new Toyota Land Cruiser 300 may be in an awkward position in the market.

Finally, we add that there is a well-known example when a manufacturer introduced V8 and practically “killed” it. We are talking about the Nissan Patrol Y62, which in 2013 became available exclusively with the “eight”, while previous versions of the model were offered with turbodiesel four- and six-cylinder engines.

Sales of “Patrol” immediately fell. Why? Because the V8 was gasoline – it’s a great 5.6-liter engine, but placing it under the hood of a 2800-kilogram “horse” fuel efficiency has become worse than terrible.


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