Ksina Kate in fourth pregnancy? “InTouch” reports that Meghan is also expecting a baby! The Lord will bow again. Wanted “detail”

Meghan Markle i ksina Kate You’re about to make your families bigger. As reported in “InTouch” magazine, women can’t wait for their daughter to be born, but now you can see that not everything will go as smoothly as planned. Although there has been an agreement recently between Prince Harry and Prince William, it is already known that cie partners and choosing a name for the child can again compare the family.

Meghan Markle i ksina Kate s w ciy?

As reported in InTouch magazine, you know this Meghan Kate decided to praise her first happy news of pregnancy. Zarwno ksina Kate, and Meghan Markle know how much fuss would be if information about a double pregnancy were found in the media. As a result, they are cautious about sharing the good news, and they first talked about it with each other. Unfortunately, “InTouch” claims that the information was also learned by the friends of both ladies, and it is therefore very close to publicizing the lights all over the world.

The tabloid reports that Meghan called his sister-in-law and told about another child who would be born soon. When she heard that she will also give birth to William – and she is still a daughter – she was deeply moved. The ladies discussed a lot about the plans for the little ones. It soon turned out, however, that there was something that could destroy the peace of mind that accompanies the conversation. The reason is for both women to choose the same name for the child.

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Ksina Kate and Meghan Markle fight for a name for their daughter

According to “InTouch”, it was the name “Diana” that was the reason for a new argument between the women. They both would like to breed to their deceased mother, so the situation is not easy. Who was the winner in this conflict?

Meghan has a better chance as this is her first chance to name a daughter. Princess Kate already has a girl, Princess Charlotte, which would mean she was missing out on her chance to honor Dian in this way.

So far, no one has referred to the rumors about not only double pregnancy in the royal family, but also the problem with choosing a name. One thing is for sure – the aforementioned foreign magazine periodically reports about another snip, bye. As you can see – not entirely honestly.

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