Kuzin and Artemova showed a one-year-old daughter

Former member of “House-2” Sasha Artemova accidentally flashed the face of her little daughter. Recall, the heiress of Alexandra and her husband Evgeny Kuzin was born in mid-September. For a couple, the child was the first. Pregnancy was not easy for the Kuzins: Eugene was often with his wife, ready to help her even in the most basic household things. The baby was born healthy.

It is noteworthy that even a year after the happy event, Kuzin and Artemov did not disclose the name of their daughter. However, according to rumors, the baby was called Alexandria. Sasha and Eugene often enough share touching touching frames, but have never shown a child’s face. Subscribers accidentally saw the baby’s eyes during a family walk with a stroller. Telling that she and Eugene are planning to build real estate in the near future, Sasha accidentally directed the camera to the stroller, where the child was awake at that moment. So, from the picture we can say with confidence: the girl is very similar to her famous father.

Daughter of Alexandra Artemova and Eugene Kuzin
Daughter of Alexandra Artemova and Eugene Kuzin / Photo: https://www.instagram.com/artemovasasha1/

Earlier, rumors also appeared in the specialized groups of Dom-2, allegedly Artyomova and Kuzin were expecting a second baby. Fans of the TV show focused on the fact that Alexandra was less likely to show herself to her full height, and also more often puts on loose clothing. The guys themselves have not yet confirmed or disproved this fact.

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