Kyrgios does not "support" Djokovic and sees himself as "the opposite" of Nadal


THE SCAN SPORT – In a maintenance river, the Australian did not mince his words about Novak Djokovic of which he laughs openly but also of Rafael Nadal of which he does not appreciate the personality.

Nick Kyrgios is definitely scared of nothing and seems even less worried about the consequences that some of his statements might have on his image. The Australian, who was still talked about on Tuesday when he entered the tournament in Rome, took out the sulfateuse in an interview with the NCR Tennis Podcast (to listen from 33'00). His main targets are Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal and Fernando Verdasco.

When the American journalist Ben Rothenberg asked him about his relations with certain players of the circuit, Kyrgios feels the trap and has fun. "Do I have to be honest?", He replies first before embarking on very long responses with appetite. Novak Djokovic, whom he has already scratched in the past, takes one more time for his rank: "He has an unhealthy obsession with the need to be loved. He wants to be Roger. He wants to be so loved that I can not stand it. It's getting embarrassing, "he said, adding that he considered Andy Murray, who is highly regarded for being" much better "than the Serbian. The Scottish is part of Roger Federer or Thanasi Kokkinakis athletes of the circuit that he particularly appreciates.

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At the end of the interview, Kyrgios will put a layer on Djokovic, believing that he will never reach the level of a Roger Federer tennis hall of fame. The Antipodes player also considers the Swiss "standout" thanks to his "raw talent" and "the greatest of all time". "No matter how many Grand Slams he wins, he will never be the biggest for me. Just because I've faced him twice and, sorry, if you can not beat me, you're not the biggest in history (laughs)! "Said Kyrgios.

The Australian also admits a certain admiration for the record of Rafael Nadal. "What Rafa did is also pretty scary. He won 11 Roland-Garros, adapted his turf game, which is pretty crazy, "he says while putting Djokovic one last time in the center of the conversation:" He always says what he thinks he should to say, he never gives his opinion. His celebration kills me. If I fight him and beat him, then I will make his celebration before him. That would be hilarious, no? ", Amused the player. The next reunion against "Nole" that he does not consider a "bad guy" is tasty.

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Respectful of the career of a Rafael Nadal, the Antipodes player is not very fan of his personality. The shocks between the two men have already made some sparks on the courts but also outside. "It's dangerous to talk about it," warns Kyrgios first. It's my total opposite. When he beats me, everything is fine, he tells you that you are a tough opponent and that you played well … But when I beat him, he starts saying: "He does not respect me, he does not respect my fans, he has no respect for the game ". But what is he talking about? I played this way before and nothing has changed! "Continued the player before paying the entourage of" Rafa ": Toni (Nadal) said:" It lacks education ". Dude, I've been to school for twelve years, I'm educated. I understand your disappointment because I beat a member of your family but I will never be like Nadal. We are too different, we must accept it, "said the 36th world player.

Fernando Verdasco, the "most arrogant person in the world"

Another Spaniard does not escape criticism, Fernando Verdasco, "the most arrogant person in the world." According to the terrible child of Australian tennis, the Iberian "does not say hello, thinks he is so strong and believes he has a the gift of God. "Kyrgios concludes this fluid and unfiltered interview with one last word on the Spanish left-hander:" He has no humility ".

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