Kyrgios, expelled for throwing a chair to the track


It is well to offer as a counterpoint.

If everything were as in tennis, in which respect and good manners prevail among the three greats -Federer, Nadal and Djokovic-, the world would be a milk candy. Too cloying, perhaps. Not everything can be applause, crosses of hands and congratulations.

When everything goes in that line, the stage becomes a bit heavy and resounding. It takes a counterpoint, someone who transgresses. Another thing is that this transgressor takes things too far.

Because sometimes, Nick Kyrgios (24) loses the oremus.


In this week, in Rome, they've been talking about Kyrgios for days. They do it to remember his show before the Russian Daniil Medvedev. An exhibition of excellent punches seasoned with offensive gestures, spoon serves, hits that barely follows with the look, races that will not compete, gestures to the stands. Someone wrote:

– How it is possible that Medvedev offered him the hand after having been surpassed by the Australian?

Kyrgios is justified. He says that, had it been for him, he would never have become a tennis player.


Kyrgios has always been justified; said that if he could have chosen, he would have dedicated himself to basketball

"If I could have chosen, I would have dedicated myself to basketball. When I was 14 years old, my parents (a Greek father and a Malaysian mother who lived in Canberra) chose for me. They were very hard. They thought that it would have more chances to succeed in tennis. And there they pushed me … "

But he is a tennis player. A tennis player in a pose. In a way, an antisystem. And this time it has gone too far. After his exhibition before Medvedev, he later expanded on the NCR Tennis podcast – "Djokovic has an unhealthy obsession for being loved, and Verdasco is the most arrogant person in history, he thinks he is God and has a normal setback," he said.

And now he has been expelled from the tournament.

He played with the Norwegian Casper Ruud. He had lost the first set, he had scored the second and he had just wasted the service in the third (2-1 down) when has gone mad. He has argued with the chair umpire, he has received a warning and then he has smashed the racket against the clay, before throwing a chair to the center of the court.

Then he left the track without saying goodbye to anyone, let alone the referee, and that way he has won the expulsion from the tournament.


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