La Jornada – Listos, first batches of AstraZeneca vaccine produced by Mexico-Argentina

Ocoyoacac, Mex. The first batches of the Covid-19 vaccine produced by Mexico and Argentina are already ready and are only waiting for the endorsement of the AstraZeneca company, to be distributed in various countries in Latin America.

After a tour of the Liomont pharmaceutical plant in Ocoyoacac to witness the biological packaging process, Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard Casaubón and other officials involved in the Mexico-Argentina agreement for the production of the antidote, estimated that in the coming days they could be the first batches ready for distribution.

Interviewed after the tour, the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (SRE) indicated that the Federal Commission for the Protection against Sanitary Risks analyzes the first batches of the vaccine already ready, and it is expected that no later than May 24 of its authorization. Subsequently, they will need to be reviewed by AstraZeneca and once authorized, they can begin to be used.

“For the first four batches, AstraZeneca follows a very strict review, monitoring and testing process. We do not know what exact day they tell us they can use it. Only (this revision will be carried out) to the first batches, the rest no longer. The process is only to guarantee that the entire process that has occurred is in accordance with its standards and that is for a simple reason: because the vaccine has its name ”.

This vaccine is the result of the agreement promoted by the Slim Foundation for the governments of Mexico and Argentina to produce the biological one. The active substance, produced by the Pharma, was developed at the Argentine mAbxience factory and shipped in bulk to Mexico last February for packaging at the Mexican company Liomont.

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The agreements were signed in August last year and are intended to produce 150 to 250 million doses for all of Latin America. Of the total that is produced in Mexico, Ebrard explained, half will stay in our country and the rest will go to the nations of the region.

Also participating in the event were Carlos Alfonso Tomada, Argentine Ambassador to Mexico; Alfredo Rimoch, CEO of Liomont; and the undersecretaries of the SRE for Multilateral Affairs and Human Rights, Martha Delgado, and for Latin America and the Caribbean, Maximiliano Reyes Zúñiga.

Ebrard said that with est, Mexico already produces two vaccines (the Chinese CanSino is also packaged in Querétaro) and reported that negotiations are under way with the government of the Russian Federation so that the biological produced in that country, Sputnik V and Sputnik Light, also are produced in our country.

“We bought 77.4 million doses (of AstraZeneca), and that is the order that Mexico made, and it is guaranteed. More or less 55 percent stays in Mexico of what is produced here, the rest is distributed in Latin America ”.

Ebrard Casaubón indicated that by the beginning of June Mexico will have 40 million doses, and during that month between 25 and 30 million more doses will be received, for which he said that by October a large part of the country’s population will have immunization.


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