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La Maddalena, woman raped by a 16 year old while jogging. «Followed her»

LA MADDALENA (SASSARI) Surprise behind her while jogging towards Caprera, thrown to the ground and raped. She desperately tried to defend herself, her screams drew the attention of two men who rushed in time: the fool who attacked her – a 16-year-old Tunisian boy – clutched her neck and perhaps would have strangled her. fled. A few hours later, the police arrested him. Yesterday in the late afternoon, the departure of a 50-year-old lady for a walk after weeks at home for the coronavirus emergency was a nightmare. With quick steps from the outskirts of La Maddalena he took the road to Caprera. She was alone. I didn’t realize I was being followed.

We heard shouting

Yet the boy had been keeping an eye on her since he left Casa Futura in the afternoon, a reception facility to which he had been entrusted pending trial for crimes, including a robbery, committed in Piedmont. I was about to go back – said the lady – when I saw him on me. The attack shortly before 8 PM. Torn pants, punches, kicks. There was no one nearby, the woman lying on the ground, for a few minutes the rascal went on. The two joggers were a few hundred meters ahead. We heard shouts, we rushed. She was still on the ground, sobbing; he ran away to a nearby grove. We immediately called 112. A carabinieri patrol asked for an ambulance to intervene. Breathing difficulties, minor injuries on the body and neck, after a few hours the lady was better and was able to describe the man who attacked her well.

A difficult past

A turbulent past, threats to attacks even a few days ago. Last week we had to intervene at the reception house: he was holding a knife and threatening one of the assistants: we disarmed him. Colonel Davide Crapa coordinated the operation of the carabinieri: surrounded forest and reed bed, eliminating any possibility of escaping from the island with the blocking of the ferry embarkation between La Maddalena and Palau. At around 1 am the Tunisian boy tried to get out of the reeds and was immediately stopped by a patrol, taken to the barracks. just him, confirmed the lady. He had been in the Magdalene in custody at “Casa Futura” for a few months, sent by the magistrates of Turin – where he lived – for an attempt to recover him, removing him from a criminal organization that used very young intimidations, thefts and robberies. he was transferred to Sassari in a reception facility and the public prosecutor’s office at the juvenile court asked for the validation of the precautionary custody for carnal violence and attempted murder.

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