La Nannis and a fatal comment to Caniggia: “You stayed with a trava and you did not go to fire a friend”

Mariana Nannis and Claudio Caniggia separated more than a year ago. Since then there has been a very strained relationship between them, bordering on bad coexistence.

She does not tolerate her ex’s relationship with Sofía Bonelli, whom she criticizes for her sexuality (she says he is a man in disguise). Even Pájaro himself, a cultist of low profile, replied a few months ago: “She is jilted and obsessed. All this is because she can’t with me.”

But far from calming down or lowering any change, the former media, who is the mother of Caniggia’s three children, posted a harsh message on her Instagram account due to the absence of her ex-husband at Diego Armando Maradona’s wake.

“You didn’t fire your friend, it’s a disappointment … You preferred to keep the job (sic), what an aberration … ‘I’m dating a chabón’, the song says. You have devotion to bad life and little memory“Mariana wrote, and to sow more discord she published the photo that they were both kissing when they played for the same Boca team.

Caniggia was in Mexico when Diego died. He didn’t have time to go back and, if he wanted to, they wouldn’t have given him the times. But still the Nannis hit the bone. Will you respond?


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