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Labor MPs and their peers plan to challenge Corbyn on the definition of anti-Semitism | Policy

Labor MPs and their peers plan an extraordinary joint challenge against Jeremy Corbyn and the party's National Executive Committee (NEC), which would see them incorporate the internationally accepted definition of anti-Semitism into their own rules. official.

Labor measures in both Houses of Parliament seem to want to fuel an already explosive row that erupted last week, after the NEC refused to abandon a controversial new code of conduct over the past year. anti-Semitism as many deputies and In the hope of forcing the NEC and the party leadership to turn around, the Labor MPs were launching Monday an emergency motion at a Labor Party meeting that , if passed, amend its bylaws to include the obligation for members to "accept and abide by the definition of anti-semitism of the International Alliance for the Memory of the World." Holocaust, and Separately, the Observer learned that Labor members of the House of Lords will be invited to vote when Parliament returns in September on a motion to change the Tradespeople's Peer Manual. In an email, Toby Harris, Labor Chairman of the House of Lords, said he was sure his colleagues would share his "deep concern"

. to the failure of the Labor Party to fully adopt the definition of anti-Semitism of the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance.

He said that "after consultation with the leaders of Labor Lords … I will suggest on the part of the President that we adopt the definition of IHRA and its associated examples – unmodified – in our rules [the Labour peers group handbook] ".

of conduct was widely criticized because it does not include all the examples of what constitutes anti-Semitism listed next to the definition of IHRA.

The omitted examples of the new Labor Code accepted by the NECs include accusing Jewish citizens of being more loyal to Israel than their own nations, asserting that the existence of the state of Israel is a racist undertaking and comparing Israeli actions with those of the US.

The NEC decision last Wednesday to adopt the The new code came despite complaints and warnings from members of the Parliamentary Labor Party and Jewish organizations urging the governing body to include the full list of examples.

Jewish Labor MPs Louise Ellman and Ruth Smeeth filed a complaint with the PLP. They are supported by another Jewish member, Luciana Berger. Berger, Parliamentary President of the Jewish Labor Movement, said that she was waiting for the motion to be accepted for debate and voted when time allowed. "Her goal is to demonstrate the strength of sentiment in the parliamentary party." After the NEC decision, the Minister of Labor and former chair of the Public Accounts Committee, Margaret Hodge, confronted Corbyn in the House of Commons and the House of Commons. accused of being "an anti-Semitic racist"

  Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn was criticized for not eliminating anti-Semitism in the party

Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn was criticized for not Eliminating Anti-Semitism in the Party Photograph: David Hartley / Rex

A Labor Party spokesperson said that if the code had been passed, it would be the subject of further debate in the light of the strong feelings expressed: "CEN has confirmed the # Adoption of the Code of Conduct on Anti-Semitism The serious concerns expressed agreed to reopen the code in consultation with Jewish community organizations and groups to better reflect their views. 19659002] On Saturday evening, Labor MP Wes Streeting said that he believed the NEC had taken the approach that he had for it to be easier for the party to dismiss the complaints against members at the expense of anti-Semitism

"It is difficult to draw any conclusions other than this: this is intended to make it easier to let more people fend for themselves. , whether it's new party members or senior members "

In an interview with the Guardian Eddie Izzard urges Corbyn to quickly deal with the issue. The comedian, who recently won a seat at the NEC, said Labor may not be ready to attack the government and its plans for Brexit because of infighting on anti-Semitism.

"We should not be caught in this antisemitic line of definition," said Izzard. "There is still time to adopt the full definition of the IHRA and to be in tune with the Jewish community, rabbis are going along with the mainstream, rather than saying that we want to adjust ourselves, that the meeting was the moment, and we did not do it. "

He said Labor had agreed to reopen discussions with Jewish groups, but that he regretted that a new code of conduct had been approved despite warnings from Jewish groups about the omission of some examples of work. l & # 39; IHRA.

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