Ladislav Dušek died. The Liberec actor was 77 years old

The Liberec Theater informed about the death. “We are deeply saddened to announce that our colleague and friend Ladislav Dušek left us forever yesterday after a serious illness,” the theater said on its Facebook profile.

Ladislav Dušek became an actor of great character roles in the Liberec theater, where he worked for more than thirty years. “It was one of the pillars of Liberec drama for the last thirty years,” the theater continues in his memory.

He was born in Prague on June 14, 1943. After graduating from the Folk Art School, he began his acting career at the Žižkov Theater. He worked in the theater ensemble Excelsior, several times in the second half of the 1960s he appeared in smaller roles in the National Theater. In 1969, Ladislav Dušek went to Most, where he became a member of the ensemble of the Municipal Theater, then the Workers’ Theater.

Ladislav Dušek.Source: Pavel DušekHe came to Liberec to the FX Šalda Theater in 1989. In September, he played several roles in an adaptation of Hrabal’s novel I Served the King of England.

“But the month of November brought him a much more important role this year. He became one of the important drivers of the theater strike, co-organized the takeover of the theater and meeting with the audience. they began to get to know not only as an actor, but also as a politically engaged person. In later years, he even sat at the Liberec City Hall in two terms as a member of the council, “said the Liberec Theater.

Hundreds of roles

He played hundreds of roles during his life. “He last performed on stage on September 28 in one of his most beautiful roles in recent years, as the Archbishop of Canterbury in the finale of the production The King’s Speech,” the theater added.

Viewers also know Ladislav Dušek from the movies. For example, he starred in the fairy tale The Promised Princess, Bohdan Sláma’s latest film Landscape in the Shadow, or in the film Grandhotel. He has also acted in series, such as The Wild Country, the Tell Story series, where viewers remember him as an “estébák”, and in Kriminálka Anděl.

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