Lala & ce unveils the captivating clip of “Dodow & ve”

French artist Lala &what makes us see (literally) of all the colors. She had made a passage noticed on the channel Colors where she had interpreted her song Umbrella in the minimalist decor specific to this medium. After Leave that, she lets go of us today Dodow&and the second sound from his upcoming debut album Everything Tasteful.

Lala &this had notably teased this release via an Instagram post, and the clip of Dodow&and was already announced downright captivating :

And the least we can say after viewing is that we are not disappointed. The clip opens with a small introductory sequence, where we find Lala &this in what we imagine to be a hotel room accompanied by a friend. The two friends are visibly preparing to go out, which is made clear by the telephone exchange between the rapper and a conquest of hers who seems to be impatiently waiting to find her.

Lala &this indicates without too much conviction to his friend that it would be better if they did not overdo too much during this evening, we understand that it will be different when seeing what is poured into the glasses. Like the well-known Very Bad Trip, we see the two people drinking glasses at the beginning of a night that they might not remember.

The enigmatic voice of the rapper accompanied by a dark instrumental, takes us with her in a colorful neon atmosphere. Between the shots in the limousine and those in a box or outside, the camera almost never stops spinning which plunges us into thepsychedelic state and disoriented of the two characters. The visual atmosphere might be a bit like that of the clip LSD d’Asap Rocky. An ultra aesthetic clip and a deep voice that suggests an album not to be missed.

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