Land Rover Defender by Lumma Design: Capturing all eyes

The work carried out by the specialist Lumma Design can be anything but discreet, and his latest project based on the Land Rover Defender from new generation is no different. The best proof is in the images that accompany these lines, starring the Lumma CLR LD, that is to say, the particular vision that the preparer has about the British 4×4, which he has covered with most striking body kit and a painting that will not go unnoticed.

Lumma Design

The center of attention

With the presence of the body kit designed for this configuration, most of the original Defender panels are replaced by others much more showy resulting in a robust vehicle that is prepared for both off-road adventure and the center of attention in a concentration of cars. It all starts with a front end incorporating modified bumpers, air intakes, grille, splitter and hood, available in exposed carbon fiber. Also, from this view you can see the new ceiling moldings with two spotlights.

On the side we see more striking skirts, muscular wheel arches, air inlets and some darkened pillars that highlight the floating roof design. With respect to the rear, the bumpers have changed and we can see quad exhaust outlets that fit perfectly with the impressive aesthetics of the Defender. All of this is complemented by tires ranging from 19 to 23 inches, with different tires available and some spacers brand of the house. In addition, Lumma Design has installed a lifting kit that increases the ground clearance by 30 mm, with tracks widened by 40 millimeters.

land rover defender by lumma design

Lumma Design

No thruster enhancements

At interiormeanwhile, there’s a three-piece anodized aluminum pedal set, Lumma-branded floor mats, and a leather-wrapped dashboard. There are no significant performance improvements as the only change is found in the Exhaust system, less restrictive than the original.

The preparer ensures that this body kit will adapt to the new version that Land Rover is preparing, that is, the one that will use a Supercharged 5.0-liter V8 engine. Likewise, Lumma Design speaks of this project as a “preview” of its new customization program for the Defender, so some of these parts could change before production begins.

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