“Landing dust” … “NASA” spacecraft sends new sights from Mars … photos

“Landing dust” … “NASA” spacecraft sends new sights from Mars … photos

The “NASA” rover sent new images from the surface of Mars, after a successful landing operation on the surface of the Red Planet, in an operation that caused concern for weeks for the crews working in the American space agency.

The first pictures sent by the spacecraft and shared by NASA during a press conference, yesterday, Friday, show the rover approaching the surface of Mars while entering and carrying out the landing operation, a matter that was not possible in previous missions.

And the account of the rover of “NASA” published on “Twitter” a tweet in which it said: “This snapshot from a camera on a jetpack captured me in the air, just before my wheels landed (on Mars).”
“The moment my team dreamed of for years is now a reality. He dared to do mighty things,” the account added.

According to “CNN”, small pillars of dust can be seen rising from the surface of Mars, propelled by the landing craft of the vehicle when it was only 6.5 feet above the surface of Mars.

“The team is excited and excited that they have succeeded in carrying out the landing of another spacecraft on the surface of Mars,” said Adam Stelzner, chief engineer of the rover.

He added, “When we make such (scientific) investments, we do them for the sake of humanity, and we do them as a gesture to our humanity.”

Last Thursday, NASA announced the landing of its roving probe “Perseverance” on the surface of Mars, after successfully passing a risky landing stage known as “7 minutes of terror.”

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The commander of operations, Swati Mohan, said that “the landing of the probe has been confirmed,” which was accompanied by chants at the headquarters of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory of “NASA”.

The mission of the new vehicle is for years to search for vital fingerprints of microbes, which may have been there billions of years ago on Mars, when conditions were warmer and wetter than they are at present.

With the start of the summer season, the vehicle will attempt to collect 30 samples of rock and soil in sealed tubes, to be finally sent to Earth sometime in 2030 for analysis in the laboratory.

“The question of whether there is life outside Earth is one of the most basic questions that we can ask,” says NASA geologist Katie Stack Morgan.

And she continued, “Our ability to pose this question and develop scientific investigations and technology to answer it is one of the things that make us humans a unique class.”

It is noteworthy that “NASA” is also seeking to conduct several remarkable experiments on Mars, including trying to make the first powered flight to another planet, using a small unmanned helicopter called “Ingenuity”, which will have to fly over the cover of An atmosphere that is only 1% of the Earth’s density

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