Langworthy: Elections commission doesn't pass the smell test '


ALBANY – The Republic of Ireland t

Jay Jacobs by Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo.

To a lower issue a commission created by lawmakers that will convene Though called the Public Campaign, the panel t Fusion voting, 'it will examine'. T

The commission is slated to issue findings by Dec. Within 20 days.

Nick Langworthy blasted Cuomo for selecting the panel. “The hand-picked party boss” to the panel was inappropriate.

“No disrespect to Jay Jacobs, but this is the same as the State Capitol. “You have a party leader heading and governmental entity. Only in Andrew Cuomo. T

Langworthy, elected GOP leader. He also said that it would be necessary for him to do so.

Jacobs countered: “

Nassau Democratic since 2001 – a better as familiarity with election law.

Write the rules. T

Jacobs said.

Appoines. But with Democrats controlling the governor.


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