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Lanxiu championship “Indigo” and “Ling Xuefei” shine brightly for a while

Lanxiu championship “Indigo” and “Ling Xuefei” shine brightly for a while

Update time: 16:13 2023-08-02
Release time: 16:13 2023-08-02

The Lanxiu Trophy (1982m Group 1) will be held at Goodwood this Thursday (August 3). Although not many French horses have won the British Grand Prix this year, “Indigo”, the leader of the three Group 1 races at Chantilly, is set to be a key player in this year’s Lanxiu Trophy.

The three-year-old daughter of “Churchill” will face her rival “Ling Xuefei” in this battle. The four-year-old mare “Ling Xuefei”, whose sire is bred in “Fangol”, not only won three group 1 races, but also won the Lanxiu Trophy last year on the uneven track of Goodwood, fully demonstrated his extraordinary strength.

The two fillies have one thing in common, that is, they have been ridden by the same jockey in every race since their debut. Among them, “Indigo Wei” has been ridden by Li Mintao for nine times so far, and has won seven times. . racing; and “Ling Xuefei” So far, Du Yuanxin has taken the reins in all eleven battles, and has won five victories.

The stables where the two foals belong are not ordinary people. Coach “Indigo Vitae” Li Jianhui is the fifth generation descendant of his family, which is very prominent in the European market. The coach of “Ling Xuefei”, Gao Shideng (now co-training with his son Gao Sude), based in the new market, and has accumulated more than 100 first-class winners around the world so far.

“Indigo” won the French 1,000 Guineas (1,600m Gr. 1) at Longchamp, Paris in the previous race. In the last race, he moved to Chantilly and won the French Oak Race (2,100m Gr. 1) , there are two consecutive. French race A classic filly race with a clear winner. Thirty-six-year-old He Jianhui said: “The horse has outstanding strength and can easily deliver a positive performance regardless of whether it is running in the front or staying behind.”

Of course Li Jianhui hoped that “Indigo” could win this race, but what made him look forward to the horse and “Ling Xuefei” competing in the same field: “I am such a horse fan, I hope appreciate the owners there. showdown of the biggest race. I’m looking forward to a showdown between my horse and ‘Ling Xuefei’.”

“Ling Xuefei” lost seven horses and won the championship in the Falmans Trophy (1600m Group 1 race) in New Market last month, showing that he has regained his best form. Coach Gao Shitang said: “‘Ling Xuefei’ took a long time to recover this season. I don’t want him to be too cold when he competes for the Lanxiu Trophy, so I arranged for him to run a race in the new the walk. first. He should fight positive speed, enough for a mile in the day.”

The other two participating horses “Wei Shi Bao” and “Outside the Group” are also very valuable. “Wei Shi Bao” will be led by Gao Juncheng in this battle. He has won six of the last seven games. Among them, he competed in a 2038-meter three-horse race on plastic sand in Newcastle in the last battle. , and beat “Wai Shi Bao” by half a length. Ling Xuefei” waved Yuan.

American born “from the group” trained by Yue Benxian, and Mo Ya will take the reins in this battle. The horse competed in the bullfighting championship (2100m Group 2) in Saint-Gloup in May, and beat “Wen Cai Hou Fu” with a bottom position, and “Wen Cai Hou Fu” just won Rothschild last Sunday Competition (1600m). race level 1).

On the other hand, in tomorrow’s eight Goodwood world pool races, Yue’s father, Yue Boren, has a positive chance in the remaining races. Among them, the fast two-year “San dout” will be in the Chola Competition for the. Railway Road Stakes (1200m Level 2), he was only overtaken in the closing stages and won the race. This time he will challenge the Richmond Stakes (1200m Level 2) and is highly anticipated; Roscommon won a Listed race with a pleasing posture, and will have a positive chance of winning tomorrow’s Gordon Stakes (2401m Group 3 race).

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