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Large Czech companies warned. Terrible mess, never happened before

A number of Czech companies are starting to find themselves in trouble. For a long time, the problem at home was solved and the companies, which are the backbone of this economy, were forgotten. But it is they who are perhaps most affected by high energy prices. While people will always end up getting help in some way by the state, there is not much left for big business and they hope to help themselves.

He has to deal with now

But it is not easy at all in this situation. High electricity and gas prices seemed to be a temporary thing. Now, nonetheless, economists basically agree that they will be with us much longer. And although it may seem at first glance that we are out of the worst, the whole thing can quickly turn upside down. We will probably spend this winter, but at the cost of high prices and for the next, it is not clear yet where the energy will come from.

At the same time, the big companies have the option to solve this, but the Czechs will not like it very much. As reported by the Volkswagen concern, for example, it can easily move production elsewhere if it does not find enough affordable fuel here. That would be a significant blow. But can they be surprised? When, for some, energy prices have increased ten years?

The head of Kofola, Jannis Samaras, is also very concerned. He spoke very openly with Seznam Zprávy about the fact that Czech companies are far from being in positive condition as it might seem.

The situation is treacherous. On the one hand, some companies have a record period behind them, at least in terms of turnover, but they see considerable uncertainty for the coming months. For example, it was Kofola that had to increase the prices of its drinks three times this year. This is an unprecedented movement, usually rising once a year at most. Customers have tolerated it so far, but Kofola will have to raise prices further and it is doubtful whether prices will reach a point where people will limit their purchases.

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It’s worse than it seems

At the same time, the company cannot continue otherwise. Apart from energy, everything became more expensive. Worms or carbon dioxide cost more, but the salary demands of employees are also increasing. Thus, the spiral of inflation begins to rise more and more.

Samaras boss Kofola sees a big problem ahead. According to him, it is necessary for the state to intervene in the whole situation, and that very actively. For example, it is not enough just to limit the cost of energy, but a comprehensive approach is necessary.

Everything can go wrong very quickly. According to the entrepreneur, Czech companies are in a worse situation than it might seem. nonetheless, many of them do not want to talk about their problems in public, so as not to hurt themselves even more. This is not exactly a pleasant business environment, which can also give false positive feedback.

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