Latest Corona India: List of Countries Sending Aid, from the US to the European Union Page all

NEW DELHI, – Corona cases in India, which have surged high recently, have moved a number of countries to send aid.

There are at least five countries plus the European Union that have stated that they will help to reduce the violent number of Covid-19 cases in India.

Summarize the news AFP Regarding the update on the Covid India case, here is a list of the countries providing assistance.

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1. Germany

German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Sunday morning (25/4/2021) said that her government is preparing emergency assistance for the corona case in India.

There are no immediate details yet on what Germany, as the EU’s largest economy, will offer.

However, the media The mirror reports that the German armed forces have received requests to help regulate oxygen supplies.

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BETWEEN PHOTOS / REUTERS / ADNAN ABIDI A family member wears personal protective equipment (PPE) next to the body of a woman, who died from being infected with the corona virus (Covid-19) before being cremated, at the crematorium, New Delhi, India, Saturday (24/4/2021).

2. European Union

Shortly after Germany announced its aid plan, the European Union also announced something similar.

“Worried about the epidemiological situation in India, we are ready to help,” wrote the Head of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen on Twitter, Sunday (25/4/2021).

“The EU is pooling resources to respond quickly to India’s requests for assistance, through the EU’s civil protection mechanisms,” he continued.

The mechanism allows EU countries to coordinate their assistance in an emergency.

Janez Lenarcic, the EU Commissioner for humanitarian assistance, said the contribution of oxygen and medicine had been coordinated with member countries.

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3. England

“Queen Elizabeth” announced on the same day that they would send medical supplies to India, including ventilators and oxygen concentrators.

British PM Boris Johnson said London would send more than 600 medical equipment to New Delhi to handle India’s daily Covid number.

The aid was deployed following a request from India, and Johnson promised to do whatever Britain could to help.

The UK Foreign Ministry, which financed the shipment, said a total of nine containers containing 495 oxygen concentrators, 120 non-invasive ventilators and 20 manual ventilators were sent to “Bollywood Country”.

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A patient receives oxygen outside Gurdwara, a Sikh house of worship, in New Delhi, India, Saturday, April 24, 2021. AP PHOTO / ALTAF QADRI A patient receives oxygen outside Gurdwara, a Sikh house of worship, in New Delhi, India, Saturday, April 24, 2021.

4. France

Another European country that offers assistance to deal with the increase in India’s corona cases is France.

On Sunday the French presidency said they planned to provide oxygen in the coming days, including ventilators.

5. United States

Not only Europe, assistance for corona in India will also come from “Uncle Sam’s country”.

The US will send supplies of production materials for vaccines, therapeutic kits, tests, ventilators and personal protective equipment (PPE) to India.

However, it did not say whether the US would send the surplus AstraZeneca vaccine to India.

Previously, US infectious disease expert Dr Anthony Fauci told ABC on Sunday, that it will be considered.

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6. Canada

The neighboring country of the US, Canada, also submitted an aid plan to deal with India’s latest corona case.

On Sunday Canadian Foreign Minister Marc Garneau tweeted his country was ready to help and had reached out to Indian authorities to determine how Canada could best help in this time of need.

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