Latest Coronavirus Data Released May 8

The number of cases of coronavirus in the world amounted to 1,292,850 – this number increased by 96,262 yesterday. During the pandemic, 76,938 patients died, 217,251 recovered. As before, the USA, Italy and Spain continue to lead in the total number, and the USA, Russia and Brazil are the “top three” in growth.

AT USA recorded 1,292,623 cases, including 29 531 per day. As before, in the state of New York alone, the number of people infected during a pandemic is greater than in any country outside the United States. The United States reports 76,928 patients who died from coronavirus, and about 217,250 cured of it.

AT Of Spain during the pandemic, the number of infections amounted to 256,855 (+3 173), 26 070 died, 163 919 recovered. The number of convalescents per day exceeds the growth of those infected for the past two weeks.

Number recovered in Italy also almost daily is higher than the number of new cases. During the pandemic in the country recorded 215 858 cases (including 1,401 per day). 29 958 patients died, 96 276 recovered.

United Kingdom by the total number of infections (206 715) remains in fourth place. It turned out to be fourth in the number of new cases 5,614). The number of deaths has reached 30 615 – the United Kingdom remains the only country except the United States, where this number exceeded 30 thousand.

AT Of Russia coronavirus diagnosed 177 160 time. 1,625 patients died, 23,803 recovered. Yesterday, in terms of growth rates (11,231), Russia was in second place after the United States, and in the total number of cases, it took fifth place.

51 patients with coronavirus died in Moscow in 24 hours

The operation center of the Moscow Region yesterday presented data on the situation with coronavirus in the Moscow Region yesterday.

On the interactive map of Yandex you can find information on all regions of Russia, as well as on other countries.

Moscow Region Governor Andrei Vorobyov on Friday, May 8, signed a decree on the extension of restrictive measures for coronavirus until May 31 inclusive.


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