Wednesday, 16 Jan 2019

Latest News: Costa Rica: Probably Missing a Body to a Florida Woman

SAN JOSE, Costa Rica – Latest news looking for a missing Florida woman during a Costa Rica vacation (all local times):

4:05 p.m.

The Costa Rican authorities say that a corpse discovered near an apartment in the capital of San José is that of the missing woman of Florida, Carla Stefaniak, disappeared while she was going on vacation in the Central American nation.

But officials add that they are waiting for fingerprint comparisons to confirm 100% identity.

The authorities also said that they arrested a suspect.

The body, covered with plastic bags, was found about 300 meters from the apartment in which Stefaniak was staying in San José to celebrate his 36 years.


1:35 p.m.

The Costa Rican authorities have found traces of blood in the Airbnb apartment rented by a missing South Florida woman who was on vacation to celebrate her 36th birthday. This search led to a search that led them to discover an unidentified body on the outside.

The head of the country's judicial investigation department said on Tuesday that tests were underway to determine whether the half-buried blood and decomposed body would belong to the missing woman, Carla Stefaniak.

Stefaniak has been missing for more than a week after his trip to Costa Rica. A report from Gofundme indicates that Stefaniak was last heard around 8 pm November 27th. She did not show up for her at 1 pm return flight on November 28th.

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