Latvian couple in 7th place in the World Cup in Latin American dances

Vincencs Torremade and Megija Morīte from Riga started very well in the Latin American dances at the World Cup in Portugal, who entered the semi-finals of the 31-pair competition and won the high 7th place.

In the World Cup, unlike the World Cup, a country is represented by one pair, who may not be the champion or vice-champion of that country. At the end of August, Latvia was represented in Jelgava by Vincencs Torremade and Megija Morīte, winners of the Latvian Championship for the second time in their careers. If it was their debut in the World Cup, then our dancers had started several times in the world and European championships, reaching the best result two years ago, when they won the 22nd place.

The Latvian couple, overcoming the first two rounds, convincingly entered the semi-finals in the top twelve. In the semi-finals, Vincencs and Riga’s Megija fought very similarly for the final sixth place in the final with the usual competitors – Denmark’s second pair Yegor Kondratenko / Miju Linki Funk, who were just behind us in the last world championship – 23rd. The Danish couple got more points in Rumba, but in Samba, Cha-Cha-Cha and Pasodoble the Latvian dancers were better, stabilizing in the sixth position. At that moment, it seemed that the final was almost reached, but the last dance introduced adjustments. In Jiva Torremade with Morite I got a worse rating than in previous dances, while Danish dancers – one of the best. As a result, Vincencs and Maggie won 7th place, which can still be considered a success.

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Some other Latvian dancers started in the World Cup under the flag of other countries. This year’s Austrian champions Gustavs Ernests Arājs / Yaroslav Huber and the bronze medalists of the Azerbaijan Championship Artūrs Tagirovs / Rebeka Cherepanov showed almost the same results in the first round at the end of the twentieth, and both pairs entered the quarterfinals. Arājs and his partner retained the 19th place in the quarterfinals, but Artūrs and Rebekas still ranked 24th.

Pascal Giamy / Rosa Karne from Spain, the 7th place winner of the last European Championship, celebrated a convincing victory in the final. The ninth pair of the World and European Championship Paul Modlovan / Kristina Tatara from Romania won the second place, but the 5th place winners of the last three years in the Russian Championship Maxim Jelfimov / Yevgeny Churikova, who were second two years ago in the European Cup in Salaspils, won bronze medals. Fourth place went to Germany’s fifth pair Ravzans Dumitresku / Jacqueline Jos. The Czech vice-champions Thomas Gals / Sabina Karaskova took the fifth place, who remained in the 9th place in the European Cup in 2019, when our Maxim Kravchenko and Paul Kukuti reached the final six.

Additional information: Ivars Bācis, LSDF Press Secretary, 29468647.

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