“Latvian Road Maintenance” will use more than 600 units of equipment during the winter season

SJSC “Latvian Road Maintenance” (LAU) is preparing for the winter season, as well as is ready to react quickly and reduce the slippage of carriageways if necessary. The company points out that the weather forecasts show that in the coming days the air temperature in some regions may fall below 0 degrees and icing may form on the roadway. Therefore, LAU urges drivers to be careful and choose the speed, distance and driving style appropriate to the condition of the road surface.

The beginning of the winter season for road maintenance is set for November 1, however, if the weather conditions characteristic of winter occur sooner, the works are started as needed. The main works of the winter season are clearing of roads from snow, reducing slippage, as well as other operative works.

The technical units involved in winter work are prepared for the new season so that their operation meets all the specified requirements. Before the winter season, the operation of the GPS tracking system installed in the trucks is checked and the spreading equipment is calibrated in order to ensure the required amount of scattered material when treating the carriageways with anti-slip material.

According to LAU calculations, the winter service will use more than 600 different units of equipment: 209 trucks equipped with spreading equipment and snow shovels, 166 graders, 119 excavators, 112 tractors and 13 bulldozers. Stocks of materials necessary to reduce slipperiness have also been procured – in warehouses there is more than 51,000 tons of salt, t, but more than 18,000 m of sand-salt mixture has been prepared.3 amount.

We invite drivers to prepare for the winter season in time, change summer tires and follow the principles of safe driving in winter conditions.


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