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Towards the end of 2020, Latvijas pasts invites customers to make timely purchases in foreign online stores and send gifts abroad at the end of the year. In the last months of the year, the volume of postal items has been traditionally growing all over the world, but this year the impact of Covid-19 is also a significant factor.Latvian Post”.

In order for consignments to reach the addressee by the coming holidays, it is desirable to send consignments to countries on other continents by the end of November,

but to plan for deportation within Europe no later than the beginning of December. In Latvia this year, the last delivery date before Christmas is December 23, but before the anniversary – December 30.

The last months of the year, but especially December, have traditionally been a period of increasing number of items and workload for postal companies around the world. This should be taken into account when planning purchases online and sending gifts during this busy time. An important additional factor this year is the adverse impact of Covid-19, which affects the delivery options and times.

When planning the desired time for delivery, the distance to the country of destination must be taken into account – as the destination is further away, as the shipment may be delayed for a longer period of time. This is especially the case when there is no direct air traffic between countries at all and the consignments travel in transit between different countries.

Shipments can be transported over a longer period of time, even in Europe.

If the postal operator of the sending country does not have the possibility to use direct air transport to deliver the items, they are routed between other countries, including land freight, and the item may be delayed in transit for several weeks.

In addition, international passenger transport between many countries has been abolished or restricted, so that the exchange of postal items with some foreign countries remains limited and hindered. This is due to the fact that most international mail is delivered by passenger aircraft, which currently have insufficient capacity, so all other modes of delivery are being sought, including land, water and rail.

Deliveries are also delayed by congestion and queues at international transit airports, from where they are forwarded to other recipient countries. The conditions for the handling and delivery of consignments, which prevent consignments from reaching their recipients in time, are also possible in each individual country, and they can be changed at any time depending on the security considerations of each country. For these reasons, any delivery deadlines and quality standards for postal items are currently not met at international level.

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