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How to film the learning of music, its struggles and wounds, competitions and pains, but also the banality of deciphering and the endless running of scales without falling into the cliché of the teacher sadomaso frigid and the adolescent interpreter submitted? Of the Pianist at Whiplash the hierarchical composer-prof-performer trio seems to have been hooked to a deviance likely to bring the viewer's attention to the fore, as if the immediate beauty of the music could not exist without a hidden anomaly, eradicated and dissected at pleasure on screen. The Audition second feature film by Ina Weisse, a German actress devoted toArchitect, 2008), attempts to broaden the issue by wrapping his second film in the total portrait – relational, sexual, family – and partially enlightened of a violin teacher. But fails, however, the bow squeaking halfway.

Pitiful teacher

Anna is a remarkable teacher. Undoubtedly, since at the beginning of the year of conservatory she sees in a young violinist passing a hearing a promising temperament, much to the chagrin of his colleagues. She will be responsible for leading the fallow prodigy on the stage of a great competition. But Anna is a pitiful teacher. She was unable to advance her own son. She even spoiled some of her confidence by stubbornly making her practice an instrument he does not like. Who is Anna? The good or the bad, the married woman or the mistress, the loner or the new recruit of a quartet?

An icon of the German film scene and cinema, notably through his presence in Christian Petzold's films or Thomas Ostermeier's stagings at Schaübuhne, Nina Hoss goes through the film imposing her inner silences, also in search of a thickness to give to the character. She brings no spectacular answer but throws a disturbance on the behavior of Anna, which one finally discovers constantly seized by a series of floating, mediocre victim of an existence after which it runs. A drama muted.

Guillaume Tion

The Audition ofIna Weisse with Nina Hoss, Simon Abkarian, Jens Albinus … 1:39.

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