Laurence Boccolini “laminated” in We are not lying “still crying, even now”

In 2008, Laurence Boccolini had a television experience she will never forget. During her visit to Sud Radio on Monday, September 14, the presenter explained why she keeps a very bad memory of his participation We are not lying on France 2.

At the time, she came to present her new work, called Since the storks lost my address. In this one, she openly exposes her desire to have a child : she had, until then, not succeeded in having any. Her daughter Willow was born five years later, in 2013.

“I got laminated. I admit that I regret it a bit”, she remembered at the microphone of Sud Radio. Laurence Boccolini could not hold back tears at the attacks ofEric Naulleau. “I saw a box of Kleenex come under my nose, I was like, ‘Don’t cry, don’t cry! You’ve never cried on TV, you mustn’t cry ‘. But it just came out “, she said.

“Afterwards, we cry”

This moment really touched the former Mask Singer candidate. Years later, she admits that it marked her a lot. Afterwards, we cry, we still cry even now. No one calls you and you don’t either “, she explained. Laurence Boccolini preferred to walk away because, she said, she was not “in state”. “It’s something that happens to you in front of millions of people, it’s complicated. You say to yourself that we are going to call you and apologize, because it’s still serious what happens to you”, she added.

The great regret of Laurence Boccolini remains that of not having left the table. For not having stood up to it. Today if it happened I would get up, I would go, I wouldn’t let myself get fucked like that. Because that’s what I let it happen. I didn’t respect myself that night “, she said. Years have passed, but the companion of Mickaël Fakaïlo admit it without taboos: these critics have “left a (…)


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