Lavi is still a dementia, says actor Štáfek about his character as a football player

The main character will be played by Jakub Štáfek, who promises: “Lavi is still the same dementia.”

He will share the direction with Martin Kopp. “The film Vyšehrad is more mature, it’s not just short sketches like in the series. We work great with Martin Kopp and cameraman Honza Filip, so when I go in front of the camera, it’s just the icing on the cake for me, “he added.

“Vyšehrad is a phenomenon and for all creators it is a matter of the heart. And because they have all grown up a bit, they are wiser and more mature, so we thought that the movie screen would suit Vyšehrad. The size is just right for Lavi. We would like to show this spectacular spectacle to people, especially in the cinema. When Lavi comes to life again, let it be in full parade. We create pure entertainment and the audience has something to look forward to, “said one of the producers, Ctibor Pouba.

“In the film, we keep everything that the viewers liked in the series. But we tell a more film story, we map Lavi’s effort to get further and higher, and at the same time we look deeper into his family life, in which, for example, a child appears. In short, Lavi grows with all of us. I think that Tomáš Vávra managed to write a screenplay that has all this in it, “added Pouba.

The agent of Jarda will be played by Jakub Prachař, the chairman of the club Ondřej Pavelka and the coach Jiří Ployhar. Other roles will be played by Ivana Chýlková, David Prachař, Jaroslav Plesl, David Novotný and Jiří Dvořák.

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