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Lawsuit against Subway: no tuna in the tuna sandwich?

The fast food company is facing serious allegations: its tuna sandwich is said to contain no tuna at all. Are the customers being cheated? Subway denies everything.

It looks like tuna, it’s on the ingredients list as tuna – but it’s not supposed to be tuna. The fast food chain Subway is facing serious allegations and has to justify itself in court for its tuna sandwich in the USA.

According to reports from the Washington Post, several samples from the US state of California have shown that the alleged main ingredient in Subway’s wraps and sandwiches is “everything except tuna”.

Various laboratories around the state examined the samples. One of the plaintiffs’ attorneys told the Washington Post that there was not even any fish in the mass. The different contents are only intended to simulate the texture and taste of tuna.

A Subway spokesman publicly contradicted the allegations. He assured that their sandwich not only processed “real” tuna, but that it was also caught in the wild. This means that it does not come from rearing but from the sea. The sandwich is one of the best sellers.

Plaintiffs want compensation

The fast food giant now has to answer before a California court It is not clear to what extent the allegations also apply to German branches. The food authorities in the USA and Germany apply different standards and specifications in many aspects, so that the recipe for certain fast food products in the USA and Germany can differ.

Two private individuals are suing Subway for fraud, deliberate misrepresentation and improper enrichment, among other things. The plaintiffs are demanding compensation for this.

Many lawsuits against Subway in the past

If you want to open the procedure for a class action lawsuit, other Subway customers can also sue them with little effort. That could get really expensive for the fast food giant.

Subway has already been on trial several times in the past, for example for its “5 foot long” sandwich, which according to the plaintiff is said to be smaller than specified, or for its bread that did not meet Irish standards. Because of the high sugar content, bread is considered a sweet in Ireland.

Subway operates just over 40,000 restaurants worldwide. In recent years, however, the number of branches has steadily decreased.


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