Lazy: how it works and why it is so important – podcast

Martin Liebmann, 53, appreciates idleness: he studied philosophy, plays the guitar and likes to look at the stars. But he also had to learn to be lazy. For years he worked far too much, sometimes up to 90 hours a week. In the meantime, however, he regularly wastes his time, sits around, thinks and watches what’s going on around him: “Being lazy is important for a good relationship with people and things. Because then we no longer take ourselves so seriously and them all the activity comes out and this design constraint. “

The father of five actually has enough to do: he runs a brand agency, lectures from time to time at the university, he is the chairman of the “Association for Delaying Time” and has written a book, of course about being lazy. Martin is certain that our society needs to slow down. And if it is up to him, lazing around can even help save the world: “To be happy with less can be a key.” And doing nothing is also good for the climate, says Martin Liebmann, even if he is aware that laziness is anything but positive in our society. In the podcast, he pleads for a rethink and gives food for thought: “Without rotten fruit, we would have neither wine nor schnapps. And that sometimes contributes to a nice evening.”

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