Le Matin – Knowledge sharing: the Zakoura Foundation launches a new publication

The Zakoura Lab, the research, action and development center of the Zakoura Foundation is launching a new publication intended for the educational ecosystem in Morocco and for all stakeholders at national and international levels.

The Journal focuses on preschool in Morocco under the theme “Preschool, an underestimated impact? “. Given the decisive importance of this stage in the education of a child but also the longer-term impact on the individual, on society, and in this context of the extensive generalization of preschool in Morocco, the choice of the theme was obvious. With the aim of sharing good practices and pooling efforts, this publication was produced with the contribution of experts and national and international organizations such as the World Bank and UNICEF Morocco as well as the Ministry of National Education. The Journal is available online at the following link: bit.ly/3nyoJKW

Committed for more than 23 years in favor of education for all, the Zakoura Foundation has symbolically chosen to publish this magazine on November 20, commemorating the International Day of the Rights of the Child.


Louise Mvono, Senior Education Specialist at the World Bank Office in Morocco.

“For the World Bank, preschool education is an important step in boosting the developmental potential of young children. Today more than ever, the challenge is to strengthen the resilience capacity of future generations of adults by preparing them to acquire skills that promote their well-being and stimulate innovation. “

Abdeljalil Benzouina, Head of the Central Pre-School Education Unit, General Secretariat, MENFPESRS.

“The Ministry of National Education has placed the development of quality preschool education and its generalization at the center of the education sector’s priorities through the national program for the generalization and development of preschool. This program can only materialize by rallying the efforts of all national and international partners like the Zakoura Foundation. Through this review, we confirm our common desire to continue and succeed in this national project for a better future for all. ”

Jamal Belahrach, President of the Zakoura Foundation.

“We are proud of this production, the first of its kind, which reiterates the commitment of the Zakoura Foundation and its involvement in reducing fractures. The Journal is a modest contribution to the reflection and the perspective of an education for all and everywhere on the national territory, intended for the educational ecosystem but also for anyone wishing to deepen their knowledge in the matter. ”


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