Le Matin – Sidi Mohamed Chiadmi or art in the veins

Visual artist who has taken the time to train and familiarize himself with several artistic and craft disciplines, Sidi Mohamed Chiadmi has built a career worthy of great enthusiasts of the universe of shapes and colors.

This native of the Regraga of Essaouira, but native of Fez, drank in the essence of the artisanal art of the great master craftsmen of these two cities, by learning the ancestral techniques and the most famous and popular subjects. All this experience is reflected in his work where competence is essential in everything he undertakes. Whether in painting, screen printing, sculpture or other. As he also devoted himself to making rugs, with patterns and designs designed by himself.
The playwright and critic Saïd Ouadghiri Hassani compared his workshop to “a planet of colors (…) where the imagination is like clouds on the mountains. The artist’s sense of time on the planet has melted and color has been forged. Geometric shapes from the time of Moroccan heritage embodied in the carpet or the doors, arcades or zellige and other dazzling moments that he experienced with the master craftsmen of Fez and Essaouira ”. And to add that his works are linked to different themes dealing with stars, so “each star has its own location and expresses an entity that makes you plunge into the depth of the colors that tenderly attract you to form an idea or an impression that you puts on top of happiness, because you have finally understood the meaning of the mysteries and have explored them ”. This is what prompted many art enthusiasts to acquire his noble and talented works. Very ambitious, Sidi Mohamed Chiadmi has participated, since 1997, in multiple exhibitions in Morocco. But it was not until 2012 that the artist began his professional career, through the plastic arts exhibition as part of the activities of the Spring Forum for artistic and literary creativity, organized by the Association of solidarity of Afro-Moroccan women for artistic and literary creativity in the cultural complex of Anfa. Other services followed, notably the one organized in 2018, alongside the conference on “criticism and the history of art” in the Forum des generations space in Casablanca, then in 2019 with the Al Baraka Association. merchants and street vendors in Sidi Rahal, as part of the activities of the First International Poetry Festival, “Zajal and Creativity”. Without forgetting his participation in the exhibition of the Association of Ambassadors of Peace for Cultures and the Arts coinciding with the meeting of the ambassadors of the pen, the image and the craft in the Anfa cultural complex in Casablanca and finally, in 2020, where he participates in the Moroccan Amazigh Arab art exhibition in Casablanca.
According to the critic Abdelaadim Horaira, “Mohamed Chiadmi is an artist who pursues his path with love and conviction, seeks to impose his style in the art world with great patience and intense will, always attaching himself to originality. , the identity and the exploitation of all that is natural in the realization of his works. Chiadmi is, in fact, the example of the talented and innovative artist, very discreet, who deserves attention and support as a reward for his efforts to preserve the Moroccan identity and authenticity ”.


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