League 1 Mannucci president sends message to Chemo del Solar will wait with affection Mansiche Phase 2 Closing tournament Facebook photo

Tempers are still hot. The Trujillo derby was in the background after the brawl starring Carlos A. Mannucci following a challenging phrase thrown by ‘Chemo ‘Del Solartechnician Cesar Vallejo. In this sense, the president of the ‘Carlist’ institution sent a strong message.

“Next year they will beat us” was the phrase released by ‘Chemo’ del Solar after beating Mannucci 3-2 in a vibrant match. This caused annoyance in rivals, who they tried to recriminate him in the locker room at the end of the game Which did not happen in the end.

The President of Mannucci, Raul Lozano, could not hide his anger at the attitude of Vallejo’s coach and urged him to have respect, given that “there is still a long way to go.”

“Do you win and do you want to disrespect? Respect and do not believe yourself a champion, there is still a long way to go. So many years in Spain to end up being a drag on your boss. The next year I will wait for you with affection at Mansiche,” he said in a tone obfuscated through Facebook.

Chemo’s apologies

It is important to note that, almost an hour after the incident, Chemo del Solar made a statement in which he apologized for Mannucci, recognizing that he released an “unfortunate” phrase.

“At the end of the game, I walk to the locker room and throw the phrase saying” next year they will beat us. “Probably unfortunate at the moment and the heat of the game. I take the opportunity if the people or the squad of Mannucci they have been bothered by that phrase of mine. I apologize, it is a product of the party’s fever. It is a man’s knowing how to recognize mistakes. I apologize to you, “said DT ‘poet’ in this regard.


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