League 1 Movistar relegation Alianza Lima calendar final stretch Sport Boys Deportivo Municipal Carlos Stein Atlético Grau Phase 2 Closing table accumulated three final dates of the tournament

Only three dates separate us from the end of League 1 and there are several clubs committed to the issue of withdrawal. The last Monday Lima Alliance he added another defeat and was only 3 points from relegation.

First, Lima Alliance lost this Monday to Cusco FC and not only did he say goodbye to any option to qualify for an international tournament for 2021, but now he is three points behind the third to last in the Accumulated Table from League 1, Carlos Stein.

For its part, Atlético Grau, with goal by Reimond Manco, achieved an important victory over Carlos Stein and kept his options to leave the relegation zone latent, which will allow him to see a film finale to meet all the descendants League 2 for the next season.

There are three teams that are relegated this season and the teams currently located in this area are Carlos Stein (18th with 23 units), Atlético Grau (19th with 22 points) and the colero Deportivo Llacuabamba, a little more relegated with just 17.

While, Alianza Lima is dangerously located in box 17 with 26 units, which puts him on alert before a latent possibility of descending with nine points at stake. Ahead of the ‘blue and white’ are Cantolao (27), Municipal Sports (27) and Sport Boys (28).

Daniel Ahmed’s team will have three key duels in the remainder of the tournament, but in the next round against Sport Boys it will be transcendental as it is a direct rival that also seeks to save itself from the ‘low’.

Below, you can review the match schedule of the teams involved in the fight to save themselves from the drop in the League 1.

Final straight of Alianza Lima

Date 7: Alianza Lima vs Sport Boys

Date 8: Mannucci vs Alianza Lima

Date 9: Sport Huancayo vs Alianza Lima

Carlos Stein’s final stretch

Date 7: Carlos Stein vs Binacional

Date 8: University vs Carlos Stein

Fecha 9: Carlos Stein  vs UTC

Atlético Grau final straight

Date 7: Cienciano vs Atlético Grau

Date 8: Binational vs Atlético Grau

Date 9: Atlético Grau vs Alianza Universidad

Final stretch of Deportivo Municipal

Date 7: César Vallejo vs Deportivo Municipal

Date 8: Deportivo Municipal vs Llacuabamba

Date 9: Melgar vs Deportivo Municipal

Cantolao’s final straight

Date 7: Alianza UDH vs Cantolao

Date 8: Cantolao vs San Martín

Closes 9: Sporting Cristal vs Cantolao

Sport Boys final straight

Date 7: Alianza Lima vs Sport Boys

Date 8: Sport Boys vs Ayacucho FC

Date 8: César Vallejo vs Sport Boys


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