League 2: Adrián Zela received three suspension dates | Sport Chavelines | Sport Boys | FPF NCZD | FOOTBALL-PERUVIAN

The Disciplinary Commission of the Peruvian Football Federation (FPF) announced the sanction that Adrián Zela must comply with for failing to comply with the protocols in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic for the development of League 1, when he was a Sport Boys footballer.

Through resolution N ° 055-CD-FPF-2020, it was reported that the current Sport Chavelines defender was sanctioned with three suspension dates effective as of this Thursday and a fine of 1 UIT (S / 4,300).

The decision responds to Letter No. 103-2020-OIEC, issued by the Manager of Integrity, Ethics and Compliance of the highest national football organization, where the infractions committed by the defender are detailed.

Zela is sanctioned for the incident that led to his departure from Sport Boys. The defenseman was intervened and detained by the National Police on August 20 after holding a meeting during the mandatory social immobilization due to the coronavirus. A week later the Chalaco club announced their final separation.

The Disciplinary Commission considered that the player “is responsible for the violation of the rules ‘Protocol returned to the training and competitions of the Professional Football League’, being aware of the risks not only to his health, but also to his teammates and staff in general ”.

In this way, Adrián Zela becomes absent for the next three commitments of Sport Chavelines in League 2, where he participated in the debut of his new team against Unión Comercio.

After receiving the resolution, the injured club rejected the measure in a statement and announced that it will present its discharges to the Disciplinary Commission. “They had sixty days to impose the disciplinary measure and not harm the club now,” Chavelines protested.


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