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“League of Legends” mid-season game South Korea DK defeated MAD in Europe 3:2 tonight and China RNG in the championship final “League of Legends”

The “League of Legends” 2021 MSI Mid-Season Invitational held the second semi-final last night. The South Korean LCK representative team DK played against the European LEC representative team MAD. As the world champion team last year, DK made many mistakes in the game, allowing MAD to take the lead. After winning the draw, the two sides played five games in the end. DK defeated MAD 3:2, and DK advanced to today’s championship and runner-up finals.

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DK and the Chinese LPL team RNG will compete in the championship and runner-up finals at 9 pm today to compete for the MSI championship trophy.

In the second semi-finals, MAD gained an advantage early in the first game. Not only did Armut get the first kill in the bottom lane 2 vs. 2 but the top lane Armut also singled out opponent Khan. DK did not allow the economic gap to widen, and the two sides’ economy was almost equal in the early stage. MAD actively tried to break the gap. Humanoid killed ShowMaker in 13 minutes, but DK played its power in team battles and successfully won Barong, widening the gap between them. In the end, DK demolished the MAD main castle in 25 minutes and won first. one cent.

At the beginning of the second game, Elyoya wanted to launch 3 vs. 2 Gank in the bottom lane, but let DK take the first kill first. However, Carzzy and Kaiser of MAD continued to put pressure on DK’s bottom lane. Ghost once wanted to launch a one-on-two, but instead Sending to the head, although MAD had an advantage in the early stage, because the bounty was concentrated in Carzzy, DK tried to kill Carzzy for a time, hoping to stabilize the situation. In 24 minutes, DK ate Barong, was snatched by MAD and sacrificed three members. Later, after quickly melting BeryL, Carzzy successfully obtained the Dragon Soul. In 31 minutes, DK demolished the main castle, bringing the score back to one to one.

In the third round, MAD got the first kill from the bottom lane. Both teams showed aggressiveness in this game. MAD maintained the lead in headcount and economy in the early stage, while DK actively showed an attempt to control the map. 20 minutes Although MAD grabbed Baron but was seriously injured by DK, DK’s follow-up could not prevent MAD from acquiring the Dragon Soul and Baron. MAD successfully demolished the opponent’s main castle for 34 minutes after DK’s resistance was invalid, and was the first to get the second point of the draw. .

DK, who had no way of retreat, gave MAD a three-kill lead in the early stage of the fourth game. However, at 10 minutes, MAD launched a pinch kill on the bottom lane. ShowMaker sent support in a timely manner and crushed the three MAD players. DK began to expand the lead. Then DK played MAD under the active output of ShowMaker Cyrus and Ghost Tristana, and it was almost impossible to parry. In 19 minutes, DK had achieved an economic lead of 10,000. In the end, DK had a headcount of 26:8 in 22 minutes, with an economic gap of close to 16,000 and 10 towers in hand, crushing the opponent and bringing the score back to 2:2.

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In the last round, DK played very aggressively at the beginning of the game. In 6 minutes, he launched a pinch kill offensive on the bottom lane and scored the first kill. Although MAD was still colored on the top lane, DK showed control ability in the subsequent matches and continued to get the number of kills. , Control the movement of the game, 19 minutes DK in the middle with the foretellers advanced into the MAD high ground and won the battle. DK pushed into the high ground again in 22 minutes. MAD fought bravely. Although he took the last fight and killed ShowMaker, he was severely damaged by DK. In the end, DK defeated MAD after a wave of ACE and advanced to today 3:2. Champions and runners-up finals.


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