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Learn about the top 10 virtual reality games…

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Basrawi News Encyclopedia – Books: Rania Muhammad / The importance of virtual reality technology and its games has increased in recent times thanks to the Meta company’s announcement of its interest in it and its development of a version of Metaverse based on it.

But Meta is not the only company interested in developing virtual reality helmets or software based on it, and virtual reality games are one of the first virtual reality applications that we have seen from many companies.

There are a lot of different games that belong to a lot of different categories that depend on virtual reality technologies.

These games come from big companies like Sony or independent companies that are developing their own projects with their own technology.

Virtual reality games require a special compatibility with helmets, different from the usual games and controllers.

As a result, Sony’s VR games that rely on its VR headset will not work with PC VR headsets.

In the list that we mention to you below, you will find a group of games that work with all VR headsets for PC.

Beat Saber . game

This game is one of the most popular virtual reality games available for PC and PlayStation as well.

It has a simple and clear gameplay which makes it suitable for all age groups and all users without any previous gaming experience.

Game Dance Central VR

This game is from the company that previously presented the Rock Band and Guitar Hero musical series, which is considered one of the most important musical games in general.

It belongs to track dance games like Just Dance or Dance Dance Revolution.

The Climb 2

This game helps you to live your dream of climbing different mountains and skyscrapers around the world by practicing climbing in various places around the world.

The game is based on the Far Cry engine that offers impressive graphics with realistic climbing mechanics to increase the realism and fun of the game.

Game Resident Evil 4 VR

Resident Evil 4 is back in a new form, but this time with virtual reality technology, you find yourself trapped in a world full of monsters and you have to defeat them.

The game has transformed the usual gameplay inside it into a style suitable for virtual reality helmets so that you feel like you are living inside this adventure.

Half life alyx game

When Valve announced the return of the beloved Half life series with a new game that follows the old story of the series, the world went crazy.

But the surprise was that this game relies mainly on virtual reality technologies, despite that, independent developers have provided a version that does not need virtual world helmets to run.

Star Wars Squadron

You can enjoy this game even if you don’t have a VR helmet, as the game works with all the usual platforms.

But the fun of the game and flying the much loved Star Wars series planes increases when you use a virtual reality helmet.

SuperHot VR

This game is one of the most famous virtual reality games that makes you feel like a hero in an action movie facing hordes of enemies and eliminating them.

The game has a very fast paced gameplay that forces you to constantly move inside it and eliminate as many enemies as possible.

لعبة Tetris Effect Connected

This game offers a completely new and different experience of the world of Tetris that is all about placing the right cubes in the right places.

The game features amazing music tracks that add more excitement to the already unique game experience.

لعبة In Death: Unchained

This game is based on the unique Dark Souls style and Rouge Like games, which make you lose all your weapons and points when you die inside.

This forces you to fully master the game and try to survive in its very difficult world, and there are not many weapons available in the game, and this makes it much more difficult.

Rez Infinite

Many users consider this game a masterpiece that can not be repeated, and it has been nominated for Bafta Awards more than once.

The game has a very different design from the usual shooting games with distinctive music tracks that make you feel like you are on an exotic journey.

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