Leasing instead of buying: Lufthansa could get more Airbus A350s

The group will soon decide to decommission all Airbus A380s and Boeing 747-400s. In return, Lufthansa is looking into fleeting Airbus A350s faster and in larger numbers.

Carsten Spohr does not want to deny the rumors – on the contrary. The CEO confirmed at a digital employee meeting on Tuesday afternoon (September 15) that the Airbus A380 at Lufthansa is completely on the brink. The coming week will definitely be over Decide the future of the superjumbo.

Group management and the supervisory board will then not only be advised on the last eight A380s that Lufthansa actually wanted to keep. You could also break the bar over the 17 remaining Airbus A340-600s and eight Boeing 747-400s. The last four-jet engines would be the 17 Airbus A340-300s and 19 Boeing 747-8s will remain with the airline.

New business class is a prerequisite

In return, Lufthansa is considering taking over the Airbus A350 faster, as Spohr explained to the employees. The acquisition of additional copies is also an issue. However, the group would lease these aircraft and not buy them, the CEO indicated. There is currently insufficient liquidity for a direct order.

However, Lufthansa makes one condition for considering the A350. Airbus would have to ensure that the new business class can already be installed in the aircraft. It is to be introduced with the Boeing 777X. According to the latest management estimates, the first copy will be delivered in 2022 after Until now, Lufthansa officially held on to 2021 for the first delivery had until Boeing adjusted the 777X planning.

No decision made yet

A Lufthansa spokesperson confirms: “We are currently dealing with various fleet scenarios”. However, no decisions have yet been made.

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