Wednesday, 12 Dec 2018

Lebanese Hezbollah says it will not abandon its rockets

BEIRUT – Lebanese militant group leader Hezbollah said his group will not be forced by threats or sanctions to abandon its rocketry capability, urging its government on Saturday to deal with the diplomatic pressures it faces. confronted with.

Hassan Nasrallah said that succumbing to diplomatic pressure would allow Israel to attack Lebanon as it pleases.

Nasrallah spoke by video with supporters of the southern district of Beirut during "Martyr's Day", commemorating the group's combatants in action.

"Today, the day of martyrdom, I want to reaffirm that we stand by the strength of Lebanon, which is based on the golden equation: the army, the people and the resistance. We cling to the weapons of resistance and all the rockets of resistance, "Nasrallah said.

Neither sanctions nor threats would change that, he said.

Israel and Hezbollah waged a devastating one month war in 2006, which ended in a stalemate.

Since then, Hezbollah has been an arsenal of more than 100,000 missiles and rockets, which Israel sees as an existential threat.

"If we have to sell our homes to protect these rocket capabilities in the hands of resistance, we will do it," Nasrallah said.

Nasrallah has asked his government "to support this level of diplomatic pressure because to yield, if it is supposed to happen, means that Lebanon will be open to Israeli aggression at any time, at any time."

His remarks came after the Israeli media reported that the Jewish state had asked the Lebanese government, through a mediator, to take action against Hezbollah rocket factories, threatening to take military action.

"Any attack on Lebanon, any air strike on Lebanon or any strike on Lebanon, we will react definitively, definitively, definitively," he added.

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