Lebron James agrees to the second project of his alliance with HBO as executive producer

Lebron James’ producer SpringHill Carter will launch the HBO series that will adapt the third season of the ‘Serial’ podcast. The NBA player adds a new collaboration with the platform, after ‘The Shop’ in 2019.

HBO prepare a miniseries about the third season of the podcast Serial. A project in which the NBA player Lebron James will appear as Executive producer. Moving to the small screen what was revealed in the radio program, the fiction will show how the justice system works in Cleveland, Ohio.

To do this, according to Variety, he will follow a young policeman and the man who accuses him of allegedly hitting him. With his hand, he will immerse himself in the inner workings of a United States court, shedding light on the way in which it affects the people involved in its judicial processes, including the security agents, lawyers, defendants and victims.

It will be the second time that the platform adapts Serial, since in March 2019 it launched the docuseries The case against Adnan Syed, which was the protagonist of the first season of the podcast. Shola amoo (The last tree) He will write, direct and executive produce alongside the athlete, Maverick Carter, Jamal Henderson, Eric Oberland, Sarah Koenig, Emmanuel Dzotsi and Alissa Shipp.

In addition to fiction, James has pending the premiere of the sequel to Space Jam: A New Legacy, and that will not be his first foray into television. The athlete has played himself in the series My wife and Kids, El séquito, Bob Esponja, The LeBrons, Survivor’s Remorse and Teen Titans Go. In addition, as an executive producer he has already worked with HBO on The Shop and with CBS in Million Dollar Mile. Work carried out through his own production company SpringHill Carter. Last October he announced that he would release the film Dreamland: The Rise and Fall of Black Wall Street, where he will narrate the Tulsa riots of 1921.

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