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LeBron James, NBA reacts to Tyson Fury’s dominant victory

The whole world of sports, including the NBA, was glued to television on Saturday night as Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder faced off in a rematch of their controversial 2018 battle.

Sure enough, the fight lived up to its billing, thanks in large part to Fury’s dominant demonstration that forced Wilder’s camp to throw in the towel. With the champion clearly overtaken since the start of the bout, Fury claimed the WBC heavyweight championship belt through a seventh round TKO.

The fight was never a doubt from the start, and the public and home spectators expected Wilder to be eliminated at any time after hitting the canvas multiple times. There was also a time when Fury licked Wilder’s blood from his neck during the fight!

After the bout, the NBA players can’t help but express their admiration for Fury and their views on that fight which had a rather anticlimatic ending.

Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James was one of the first players to react to the fight, bringing him to Twitter to say that Wilder’s camp did him a favor by throwing the towel in what was clearly a hopeless endeavor.

Meanwhile, Utah Utah jazz center Rudy Gobert – who had just lost 120-110 against the Houston Rockets on Saturday night – couldn’t help but be amazed by Fury’s victory.

Tristan Thompson, Trae Young, Ja Morant, Tyus Jones and other NBA players also shared their footage after the wild turn of events in the fight.

It remains to be seen what awaits us between the two fighters. Deontay Wilder has a rematch clause with Tyson Fury, but he may not want to do it again after the beating he just took. However, the whole world and the NBA will surely be watching their next moves.

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