LeBron reacts to Danny Green and Quinn Cook departures

LeBron James is an exceptional teammate, and he proves it regularly. Besides making everyone shine on the pitch, he also gives importance to others outside. That’s what he did when he reacted to the departures of Danny Green and Quinn Cook.

There’s a reason veterans rush to teams where LeBron James : he is a model teammate, and always offers his family a good chance to win a ring. When he arrived at the Lakers, the King was for example followed by Rajon Rondo, then by Dwight Howard the following season. And there are many examples.

Because LeBron is not only a name that gives a chance to play for the title, he is also a player who makes others better, and allows them to land great contracts away from him or restart their careers. And above all, he is among the most loyal in the league. When he cares about a player he is forever grateful for the proof he brought JR Smith in the bubble.

And after the title won with the manner in the bubble, the King will always keep a place in his heart for all the members of this team. It is also with particular emotion that he wished good luck to Danny Green, who will play in Philadelphia, and Quinn Cook, cut in a more than questionable way by the Lakers

Los Angeles Lakers: Titles last forever. Thanks, Quinn and Danny.

LeBron James : We could never have won this title without these two. Thank you and I love you. Besides, I’ll see you in person shortly anyway.

This is also a great captain. Danny Green was the most criticized player in the Lakers playoffs, notably missing the title shot in Game 5 against the Heat, Quinn Cook only played 3 minutes in that same series, and yet LeBron readily acknowledges their importance in the success of the team… Class.

If LeBron has shown all his respect for his former teammates, we suspect that the side fans, the tone was less cordial when saying goodbye to Danny Green…

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