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Leclerc has the title – F1sport.cz

Ferrari has been plagued in recent years, and with them Charles Leclerc. He managed to win with Ferrari during their first joint season of 2019 in Belgium and Italy. But they had to wait for the next victory until the opening event of this season in Bahrain, where Charles managed to win after starting from pole position. That it was not a coincidence turned out a week later in Jeddah, where the Monaco pilot finished the race in second place.

He is currently leading the championship with 45 points ahead of team-mate Carlos Sainz, who has 12 points less. The third Max Verstappen is even 20 points back.

Asked if Leclerc was driving like someone who could win the Binotto Championship, he said:

“I think yes.”

“But that’s something we expected when we renewed his contract with him last year until 2024, because we know what he’s capable of.”

“I think he’s just showing he’s capable of fighting for the title. There is no doubt that he has talent and that he is a very good racer. We are very satisfied with what he has done in the previous two races. “

Charles Leclerc himself, with the praise of his performance this year, is rather saving, and he wants to focus on how to get even more performance out of the car.

“Of course, I’m quite happy with the start of the season. I work well with the team and the preparation for the first races was very good, so I feel good overall. “

“It simply came to our notice then. The thing I’m happy about isn’t performance, it’s finding out exactly where we need to work in and what I need to improve to get even more power out of the car. “

“I have no idea whether or not it will be enough to win the World Cup. The season is just beginning, but let’s say it’s a very good start. “

“As I have said many times, I think it will be a key development now and we as riders must help the team in the best possible way to maintain this competitiveness.”

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