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Left conference: “Shootings of the rich” – scandal in Kassel

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“Shootings of the rich” scandal at left conference

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Party leader Bernd Riexinger (on the left of the stage) listens to the speaker at her speech

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The left in Kassel discussed their plans for social change. A woman’s contribution in particular causes confusion: she speaks of the rich people being shot. Party leader Riexinger initially distances himself only half-heartedly.

AAt its “strategy conference” in Kassel, the party Die Linke wanted to discuss how it could “successfully intervene” on fundamental social issues. To this end, party leader Bernd Riexinger and other representatives of the party met with members on February 29 and March 1. When a panel discussion entitled “Change the country: for a socio-ecological system change” deals with climate protection, a woman in the front row takes the floor. At the end of her longer lecture, it is important to emphasize one thing. The energy transition is also “necessary after a revolution”.

Then she says: “And even if we shot one percent of the rich, it is still the case that we want to heat up, we want to move.” Her words provoke laughter and applause, there is a brief unrest and a murmur. The lady remains tough: “Well, that’s the way it is!” When she wants to speak about photovoltaics, her contribution is ended from the stage. It is addressed to Sandra, whether and what office she has is unclear.

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Government crisis in Thuringia solved

The party leader of the left, Bernd Riexinger, replies directly to the woman and says: “I would like to say, we don’t shoot her, we use her for useful work.” He also receives applause and laughter from the audience.

After the video of the event had made the rounds on Twitter, it got in touch Riexinger spoke again about the incident, In his view, the participant’s comment was “taken completely out of context”. Nevertheless: “It was and is unacceptable. I regret that I did not immediately reject him unequivocally. “

Bodo Ramelow (left) tweeted Sharp criticism on Tuesday afternoon: “Anyone who wants to shoot people and raves about a revolution with or by force has nothing in common with my set of values.” The statement is “unacceptable and should never have been passed over with a smile”.

Politicians from other parties react with indignation to the unopposed shooting fantasies. Alexander Graf Lambsdorff, Vice Chairman of the FDP in the Bundestag, writes on Twitter: “I can understand FDP Thuringia if it does not want to elect Ramelow as Prime Minister of Die Linke, who is planning revolution and shootings at strategy conferences (without the meeting leaders’ objection). Do the 5.2. not better. But belongs in the picture. “

And CSU General Secretary Markus Blume demanded Riexinger’s resignation. He had to explain himself and take the consequences. “The resignation from the party presidency is inevitable,” Blume wrote on Twitter. CDU General Secretary Paul Ziemiak called the attitude of the left and Riexingers “hideous”. “Therefore no cooperation with @dieLinke!”, He tweeted.

Ramelow vs. Höcke

A month after the disaster in the Prime Minister election in Thuringia, Bodo Ramelow is standing for election again on Wednesday. Björn Höcke, leader of the party and faction, stands for the AfD. Ramelow’s desired alliance of the Linker, SPD and Greens together has only 42 votes, so four votes are missing for an absolute majority.

The Thuringian FDP parliamentary group wants to leave the plenary hall in order to express their rejection for both Ramelow and Höcke. “If you want to document that you reject both candidates, you cannot take part in the ballot,” said the spokesman for the Thuringian FDP parliamentary group, Thomas Philipp Reiter, on Tuesday. Previously had “Image” reported about it. Reiter argued that the ballot papers did not include no votes. “Abstention is not a no,” he said. According to him, there is a parliamentary decision on this.


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