Legia.Net – Legia Warszawa – Artur Płatek: Legia did not go to Zabrze Kostorze and Włodarczyk in the summer

Artur Płatek, responsible for the sports division in Górnik Zabrze, reveals that the team from Silesia wanted to recruit two Legia players in the summer. The club from Łazienkowska, however, did not agree in both cases.

photo: Piotr Kucza / FotoPyK

– Why didn’t Kacper Kostorz go to Górnik? That’s not a question for me. We’ve been trying to get it for a long time. I tried hard for Kacper, went to watch. I think that if Legia did not have these problems today, and Górnik would not be in the table where he is, he would end up moving to Zabrze. However, Legia did not agree to his departure. I do not understand this decision, just as I do not understand why Szymon Włodarczyk was not admitted to us. He also interested us, although Kostorz was our priority. These decisions amaze me, but I am not responsible for them. I just wonder where these boys are supposed to play. Because in order to develop, they must have challenges. I wish them to get as many minutes to play in Legia as they would get in Górnik. We wanted to borrow both of them, but with a pre-emptive option. Perhaps Legia did not want to lose them, or perhaps because it did not give them back, it has already lost them? We waited until the very end for Legia’s decision. Due to Kacper’s would-be transfer, we didn’t bring in the striker. Kostorz was number one for us – says Artur Płatek in “Przegląd Sportowy”.

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