Legia.Net – Legia Warszawa – Michał Zachodny: Slisz can give a lot to Legia also in the offensive

– In Poland it is very easy to classify players from the center of the field, especially when someone does not score too many goals and does not have assists. You don’t look at which zones a player is playing in. Bartek runs a lot and has a lot of pickups and that’s why some people see him only as a defensive midfielder. He has the predisposition and health to run at high intensity. However, it can also do a lot on the offensive. It all depends on the tasks that the coach will give him – says Michał Zachodny, an analyst in the U-19 team of Jacek Magiera, in “Przegląd Sportowy”. They both worked with Slisz during the 2019 U-20 World Cup.

– In Zagłębie at the beginning it was a typical “six” that secured the entire second line. Later, depending on what his duties were, he could join the offensive actions. I remember his beautiful long-distance goal in the Derby of Lower Silesia with Śląsk Wrocław. He has a fair array of skills in the game ahead, but the responsibilities his coaches assign to him mean that he can’t always show them. He doesn’t make as many passes as he would like. He is also not a dribbler to break free from a defender with a feint, so he will never be seen as a typical attacking midfielder. However, he is so mobile, run-away and observing what is happening that he should be seen more as an “eight”. He scans the environment very well, so he finds himself in free spaces on the pitch, he predicts what may happen in a given action.

– Typical defensive midfielders begin to be a relic in modern football. This is due to the development of the ball and the speed of its play. Even seen as a “six” model, Chelsea’s N’Golo Kante has changed his style. Thanks to running out, it boldly connects to the front. With all the proportions, Bartek should be similar in Legia. Also on the financial side, in Warsaw it should pay off to give him a little more freedom up front. A more complete box-to-box midfielder will be worth more than a typical box-to-box midfielder. Looking at the statistics from this season, you can see that Slisz shoots much more than his teammates from the center of the Legia field. Bartek currently has seven strokes in all league matches, Domagoj Antolić three, and Andre Martins two. Really, Slish gives more on the offensive than the average fan may think. I believe that it will give even more as it continues to develop. He has a lot of potential and reserves in this element.

You can read the entire text about Bartosz Slisz on the website “Of the Sports Review“.

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