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Lela Ceter returned to Vémoland, Carlos came with…

Karlos We see Lela Ceterová

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Lela Ceter returned to Vémoland on Wednesday. The double mother claimed that she was afraid of the father of her two children and therefore ran away to a friend, but a day later the situation is completely different. Vémola has the whole family under one roof again and has also come up with a new statement about his wife’s alleged lover.

Lela Ceterová and Karlos Vémola have been filling all the headlines for the last few days. After the revelation of Lely Ceter’s alleged infidelity with Vít Kaiser, a number of events took place.

Ceter was told that the Terminator had beaten her and intended to file a criminal complaint against him, while Vémola had his version in which he slapped Kaiser two times. But he told our newsroom that the whole story of infidelity was fictional, and Carlos had even apologized to him.

“The only thing I can tell you about the alleged affair is that the truth is slowly but surely coming to light. There has never been any relationship and the information that Carlos had was unfounded and fictional. He personally apologized to me today and I believe we will remain friends as before. “Kaiser surprised.” Meanwhile, Lela Ceter and her children have moved back to Vémoland, but the wrestler insists on her infidelity.

She had a partner, she confessed

“None of us would like to be in this situation, so I’m definitely not happy about that,” Vémola told Extra. Even though Lela Ceter has returned home, the mood is still very tense between them.

“Yes, Lela had a partner she was in contact with, and when it broke, she admitted it to me. She didn’t hide it, she just told me it was Mr. Kaiser,” the wrestler insists his wife was unfaithful to him.

It is said that it never occurred to Carlos that Lela would use Vít Kaiser’s name just to obscure her lover’s true identity. The wrestler claims that he is certainly an influential man, given the number of expensive gifts he was to give to Ceter. But he did not reveal the lover’s name, as he probably does not know it himself.

“I’m sorry for Mr. Kaiser that I’m sorry for him, but the moment she told me – I have a lover, yes, we’re meeting, I’m moving, it’s Mr. Kaiser – so I had no reason not to believe her that “It’s not him. And I’m sorry I falsely accused him,” Carlos Vémola continued, saying that his wife’s alleged clashes with the mysterious lover were apparently over.

Vémol’s mother rushed to the rescue

Carlos Vémola’s mother came to Vémoland in a difficult situation to help. The wrestler says that his children are currently the priority, so he will leave Lela Ceter at home for as long as necessary.

“I care about children in the first place. So whatever’s between us, it’s all about them. I’m not a bully, because if I were and if she was really so scared of me, she probably wouldn’t come back the next day after she said what had happened, “he defended Vémol by accusing that he should hit Lela.

“It is necessary that mainly children are okay, they are taken care of and do not follow this unpleasant atmosphere around us. Whether it works out between parents or not, children should not take it away,” Terminator added. The quarrels between the partners are very exhausting for both of them. “I haven’t slept in two days and I think Lela was the same,” Vémola concluded. Only time will tell whether the couple will still be able to glue the broken relationship together.

Lela Ceter moved back to Vémoland on Wednesday


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