Thursday, 13 Dec 2018

“Lemon Face Challenge”: Bite a lemon and help fight cancer

Did you know that if you eat a lemon in front of a camera you are helping to fight against # Cancer ? No kidding, the objective of the Lemon Face Challenge ( #challenge of the lemon face) is to raise funds to contribute to the research of the DIPG (Diffuse Intrinsic Pontic Glioma), a type of Cancer terminal that usually affects mainly children.

He Lemon Face Challenge is a new internet challenge that has become #viral quickly. Anyone can join this fun challenge if they wish: the only thing a person has to do to participate is to record themselves by biting a slice of lemon, upload the video to the network and challenge their friends and acquaintances to do the same .

The joke of the matter is in capturing the involuntary facial expressions that we all make when we try a piece of citrus. This is a strategy to raise awareness about the DIPG .

A little-known disease

He DIPG It is a type of cancer little known worldwide, but totally aggressive. So far no effective cure has been found.

It can not even be treated with chemotherapy . In this case, the tumor It is lodged in the brainstem or brainstem: one of the most important areas of the human body, because it maintains the heart rate and helps control the lungs and most of the muscles of the face. In fact, it is very common to suffer involuntary contraction and facial paralysis if you suffer DIPG .

Due to the area in which the tumor is located, it is extremely risky to remove it with traditional surgical procedures.

Very few children survive this disease and most of those diagnosed are not older than 12 years.

Who has participated in the challenge?

Dozens of celebrities and athletes have joined this humanitarian challenge. Recently, a video where the entire team of Dodgers Biting lemon slices became well known. The players of baseball they immediately challenged the Diamondbacks (Arizona).

The campaign of Lemon Face Challenge was created by a charity called Aubreigh’s Army, which in addition to raising funds for the scientific investigation [VIDEO] , also tries to raise the necessary money to pay the medical expenses of Aubreigh Nicholas , an 11-year-old American girl who suffers from DIPG .

In fact, in the United States, at least 200 cases of DIPG are diagnosed annually, while in Spain approximately 20 cases are estimated.

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