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Less people died from coronavirus than dies daily due to heart disease. But fast foods don’t get empty

Stop panic please. Infections have been and will be for a very long time companions of civilization.

From other infections, people are dying many, many times more than from coronavirus. The epidemic is already developing for several months, it seems that a new infection is not much worse than the flu, from which hundreds of thousands of people die every year. The number of victims of COVID-2019 is now about 5 thousand people.

You probably know people who do not want to vaccinate themselves and vaccinate their children against influenza, hepatitis, pneumococcus, meningococcus, rotavirus, measles. Or those who do not use condoms. Who does not wash his hands. Carefully look at the picture, this is what tens of thousands of people are now dying daily: tuberculosis, hepatitis B, HIV, rotavirus, meningitis, measles. Vaccination with existing vaccines would save many of them.

During the epidemic in China from coronavirus infection a little more than 3 thousand people died. Let me remind you that the epidemic is suspended there. As many in China die from heart disease every day.

No one cares: people continue to smoke, including electronic cigarettes. Continue to drink large quantities of vodka and eat junk food.

Want to be afraid of what death brings? Then you need not be afraid of the coronavirus, but of the crowns that customers of fast food put on themselves all over the world.

Do you shy away from sneezing? And at the same time, you calmly accept cute people who are coming to you in shopping centers to offer new electronic cigarettes. I assure you, on the conscience of every cigarette distributor there are more deaths than a sick Italian. You don’t care because you’re used to it.

Not to mention that they are accustomed to mass child deaths in Africa from malaria, hunger, dehydration.

Death will come for everyone, but living in a developed world, you can delay its arrival for decades.

For years you don’t want to do anything, take care of your body, and get crazy when a new threat arises. Here you put on masks and look for miraculous medicines (no, antivirals do not help, so far – none of the existing ones), you want to protect yourself, right now. Regular kisses to “clip consciousness” – is not your case? And try to think not only about today’s “terrible epidemic”, but about how to deal with new ones that will definitely be.

You try to “buy off” from daily care of your body, as a father who abandoned his family once a year buys the most expensive toy for children. Wow! They remembered that the world is filled with risk factors for death!

Stop the tantrum. Wash your hands; do not go sick to work. Let me remind you that a dramatic decrease in the death rate from infections occurred at the very beginning of the 20th century precisely because people began to adhere to the principles of hygiene. This played no less role than vaccines and antibiotics.

Where did the coronavirus come from.In the wet market, where the coronavirus broke out, visitors were treated to raw bats …

Finally, get standard vaccinations against infections. Everything that is on schedule. Children and the elderly. Weak?

Once again, rejoice that you live in a developed world. Infections were, are and will be. Yes, mortality from coronavirus will increase, yes, it will stay with us.

In a few years, a new viral infection will come, again there will be a panic and a collapse of the ruble. And people will continue to die en masse from other causes.

We can fight infections better and better. Another epidemic is a good reason to equip intensive care units, train doctors and open normal infectious diseases departments. Or at least to carry out water supply and sewerage in them, not all are equipped if you did not know. We are very lucky that the virus is so “sluggish.”

The great power of art will save Italy, everything will work out in a few weeks.

Panic is now doing more harm to the global economy than coronavirus. So spread the message among tenants your housing office. Let’s form the “immune layer”, the layer of adequacy.

And please follow the recommendations RospotrebnadzorDepartment of Health Moscow and Ministry of Health. They are correct and timely. Calm down to quarantine.

Coronavirus: only without hands !.With a slight movement, the handshake turns into a handshake! And from kisses and hugs have to abstain. Coronavirus changes age-old habits. But WHO recalls: the main thing is to wash your hands!


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