July 4, 2019

Newsy Today


Less than 10 days left to apply for Eurocopa 2020 tickets

The first period of sale of tickets for the Eurocopa 2020 is about to conclude with a good balance of sales, with demands from 204 countries in three weeks since the ban was opened. England, Germany, Russia, Hungary and the Netherlands are the countries from which more instances have been received.

All those fans who apply for tickets before July 12 and do not get them will enter UEFA's "First Fans" program, which means they will be the first to hear about upcoming opportunities to buy them.

In addition, to give followers an indication of the current interest in tickets and help them make decisions with information about the applications, UEFA
has published demand indicators at euro2020.com/tickets.

No payments during the application process
Fans will not pay anything during the application process. If they are successful, they will be notified by email with a request to pay for the tickets in a specific period of time – approximately ten days.

In the ticket portal, fans can see which categories of tickets for each match are in high demand-in red. If fans want to increase their chances of getting tickets, they must select matches and ticket categories that show "very good chances" -in green-.

Due to the high interest, tickets for all the venues will be allocated by means of a draw that will take place at the end of July. Fans will know the results of the applications by mid-August at the latest. .